Friday, September 16, 2011

World Champions 2011 - Very interesting route!

As promised I went to check out the route for the up-coming World Champions Road Race in Denmark. But let’s make something clear, it’s not really IN Copenhagen. It’s about half and hour outside of the city…Anyway here is how it went down.
Starting on top of the finishing line it’s downhill from the beginning before you turn right and continue straight out (not really uphill as the route profile says…) after around 2 km you take a left turn and this is where the steepest part of the route is. I wanted to take a quick photo with my iPhone while riding, but by mistake it started out as a video so I decided to continue all the way to the top (meaning riding with one hand not able to change gear, not optimal!..). See the video below:

On top of this little hill you go right and later on left where the next little hill is placed.  Not very hard at all, but perfect placed in the middle of the fields and I’m sure it will be of the places with the best atmosphere on the route!
One of the most beautiful parts of the route. I expect it to be
packed like crazy with fans!

From this point on it’s straight out all the way to the last turn where you go right. Now you can see the finishing line on the top of the hill and even though it might look a little steep it’s really not…You hit in high speed and I can’t imagine it crossing Cavendish’s chances of a rainbow jersey.

Finishing line on top of the "hill"...
That being said Mark Cavendish is no longer my number one favorite for the title. Seeing the actually route my grand favorite is now young-gun Peter Sagan! If the race doesn’t turn out to be too long for Sagan and he still is in the pack in the end, I can’t see any other (maaaybe Oscar Freie on a super day) than Sagan taking the jersey. There...I said it!

I will be present at the World Champions all week, so stay tuned for more info from the inside track ;) 

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