Monday, September 19, 2011

Kangaroo attack!

While everybody was fearing - and expecting - it to be a rainy first day of the World Champions in Copenhagen it turned out to be surprisingly sunny and we even got a Danish silver medal in the Men U-23 time trial with Rasmus Quaade! Awesome!

Still I’m sure that the Australian team is celebrating even more than us Danes tonight. Three medals in two disciplines! Jessica Allen started out taking the gold in the Women Junior time trial and after that Luke Durbridge and Michael Hepburn sandwiched up Rasmus Quaade by taking 1st and 3rd.

I’ve have all day long – especially on Twitter – pointed out that I saw Luke Durbridge as the favorite for today and on his way to the start I got it confirmed. Durbridge almost crashed into me and it was easy to see that he hadn’t eye for anything else than that gold medal. I won’t forget that look in his eye anytime soon. So focused and so motivated!

Rasmus Quaade said, on the press conference after the race, that he didn’t ‘lose the rainbow jersey’, but instead ‘won a silver medal’ and that seems like a fair assumption. Nobody stood a chance against Luke Durbridge today. In fact it seems like the only one who wasn’t sure of him winning the gold medal was Durbridge’s girlfriend, waiting with the Australian team near the finishing line. First when Durbridge crossed the line she started to jump and shout and ran to congratulate her boyfriend in a tornado of cameras. I’m sure you all saw the pictures…

So that’s it for today folks. It’s been a great first day of the World Champions and I just hope and pray that the weather will stay the same all week.

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