Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UPDATED - Last chance for Italian success against the clock

While Denmark and especially Australia have been having a blast at the World Champions so far, one of the great nations, Italy, has had absolutely nothing to celebrate during the week. Best place so far has been for young Rossella Ratto who ended 5th in the Women Junior’s time trial, 31 seconds behind Jessica Allen. Everyone else has been way off!

Noemi Cantele 18th (1,58 min down) in the Elite Women, Matteo Mammini 21st (2,42 min down) in the Men U-23 and son of Guiseppe Martinelli, Davide Martinelli came crossing the line shaking his head as 25th (1,50 min down) in the Men Junior’s. It’s true that the Italians haven’t really been lucky either, having Junior pre-favorite Alberto Bettiol calling in sick on the day of race, but all together it’s been a rather fiasco so far.

Last chance for some time trailing success is therefore today, when Adrian Malori and Marco Pinotti represents the Azzurri colors. I must say that I personally will be very surprised if we get any of the two in the top5 today, but for the Italians’ sake I hope one of them at least can make it in the top10.

UPDATE - I had a quick chat with Paolo Bettini before the time trial started, and he was very optimistic for Adriano Malori, hoping he could take a top10 spot, "everything is possible with him", he said. 

Last thing. I talked with Guiseppe Martinelli yesterday about the race today and not surprisingly he picks Tony Martin as winner. Didn’t even say a word about Pinotti and Malori…

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