Monday, September 19, 2011

Pancake atmosphere

The UCI World Champions in Copenhagen has finally started. Weather forecast threatened with rainy days, but this Monday has been all sunshine so far. Perfect!

First gold medal of the day went to young Australian Jessica Allen in the Women Junior time trial and as I have been saying a couple of times already today I am pretty sure the Kangaroo country will take another gold medal later today. First of all because Australia probably have THE biggest favorite in Luke Durbridge and second because they even have the second or third favorite as well in Michael Hepburn. Being Danish and everything of course I hope our own podium favorite Rasmus Quaade can do well, but against Luke Durbridge, Michael Hepburn, Yoann Paillot, Matteo Mammini and Anton Vorobyev I think he should be happy if he makes the podium!

The press center for the time trial is hosted in the Town Hall of Copenhagen on the second floor in the ballroom where the Mayor is known for serving pancakes to his visitors. Impressive surroundings that I fear the sports hall near the road race will have big problems matching in the weekend…

Anyway the the World Champions is now in-play and I will report back later. Stay tuned!

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