Tuesday, September 20, 2011

True champions warm up under an umbrella

As I wrote earlier today the weather had been great ever since Monday morning, but when the second group of the Elite Women started, the first rain drops started to fall. It never went too hard, but still enough to make the roads wet. That meant that all the late starters had to warm up in wet condition, well make that everyone except one. Because while her teammate Ina Teutenberg warmed up in the rain, future World Champion Judith Arndt found a way to warm up in a dry way - see my tweets for the picture!

That turned out to be a good idea when Judith Arndt later on set the best time and that even without knowing how the other riders had been doing. “I didn’t even know my own time. I had no radio, I don’t really like riding with that. I want to concentrate fully on my own race without any outside contact”, she said on the press conference afterwards. Indeed a great tactic on the day!

It also turned out to be another great race for Denmark as we got the second medal on the day, or to be fair we didn’t really officially get it, but everybody knows Linda Villumsen is Danish despite her representing New Zealand nowadays. Linda did a great race and took silver, a medal she describe to be 50% Danish and 50% New Zealand on the press conference.

On third place Emma Pooley switched out her rainbow jersey from last year with a bronze medal and she was actually very content with the day. “I hoped to make the top10 so I am very satisfied even though it’s a shame no longer to be the World Champion. Denmark is just too flat for me”, Pooley pointed out afterwards.
Now we only one thing left to do in the city centre of Copenhagen and that is the Elite Men Time Trial tomorrow. Germany showed the way today with Judith Arndt and according to the bookmakers, Tony Martin is now the favorite for the gold medal.

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