Monday, July 25, 2011

Tour de France - Overview of the experts' picks

The Tour is now over and I want to thank you all for checking in at the site during the race! The interest has been bigger than I expected, thanks! Let's take a look how well the 4 experts managed to do with their picks:

Thomas Löfkvist
Right winner pick: 7
Winner pick in top3: 2

Mauro Gianetti : 
Right winner pick: 5
Winner pick in top3: 1

David Etxebarria :
Right winner pick: 4
Winner pick in top3: 5

Right winner pick: 4
Winner pick in top3: 3

The numbers show that Thomas Löfkvist wins this little intern competition in front of David Etxebarria, Laura Meseguer and Mauro Gianetti. Thanks to the 4 experts for participating!

Well, thats all for me for now. It's about time to get some vacation, so I will change my surroundings in Madrid with new ones in Barcelona for a couple of days. See you all later!

Mikkel Condé 

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