Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Waiting for the Tour

After a couple of hectic months, it’s now time to take a few days off before the Tour de France starts. 

I want to thank you for your kind response to the recent previews. Right now I’m looking into how I can improve the previews for the Tour. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment here or send an email.

My Overall Preview of this year’s Tour de France will be online next week. If you can’t wait that long, check out my first look at the Tour course when it was released in October last year.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned!


  1. Maybe a small thing that could improve our preview experience would be to have an image, at the end of the preview for example of the top 10 GC if it is a mountain stage or time trial. On flat stages just the points classification maybe... It'd probably be a great help to those reading it on the phone... But I'm not entirely sure it actually is necessary... :-)


  2. I think it would be interesting to see your take on more in-depth analysis of riders in the top 5 to 20. In your vuelta and giro previews you already had a nice list over contenders, but I think you expand that section. Especially since everybody else will cover the top 5 extensively.

  3. I would like to see a preliminary guess on what riders might finish high on each stage. Perhaps a top 5 on each stage. I know you talk about favourites from day to day, and those are based on their form as the tour goes on. Would be fun to see the guesses before the tour starts.

  4. A Little thing that I have noticed is that you wait to put your peview out after the bookmakers have set their odds.

    I know you have a lot of insight in the sport and it would be a shame if you gets affected by the bookies favourites than your own?

    The bookies can be cruelly wrong about the favorites sometimes (Specially on the breakaway stages) and it looks for me sometimes that you just take the top5 favorites on the stages and write about them.

    Well it's naturally not 100% right all that I wrote but I Think you do take the bookies favorites to comparison and makes your own decision?? Or something like that.

    And offcause will the most of the your favorite allso be the bookies and I am not saying that shouldent be it at all, but I would just like to see you without to must inspiration by the bookies.

    Maybe if you have the time put your preview out 20.00-21.00 a clock an our or 2 before the bookies open for odds.

    That would be so more cool and awesome if you do that ;)

    Else I can only rose you for a great blog!

  5. Thanks your your input. All been taken into consideration.

    @ Jens Hansen. I simply don't have time to publish the previews any earlier than 21/22 CET. Very busy days! However I can assure you that no bookmaker's odds will affect my predictions. In fact, I often hear it's the other way around...