Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vuelta España 2012 - Bravo Alberto!

Alberto Contador showed seven fingers when he crossed the finish line in Madrid with a big smile on his face and happy team mates at his side.

There are no doubts that in Contador's mind the last two voided Giro and Tour wins still count for him and I'm sure it won't take long before he shows two full hands crossing the finish line as winner of yet another Grand Tour.

Alberto Contador got the prize for most aggressive rider in the race and that seems like a fair choice looking at his eagerness to attack during this Vuelta.

From day one Alberto Contador had his mind on winning Vuelta España - and nothing but that - and three weeks later he pulled it off. There is nothing left to say but:


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  1. Bert certainly seemed to be constantly on the attack.Perhaps not quite as explosive as he was pre-ban (read into that what you will) but he took all Purito could throw at him,and took advantage of a poor day at the office for Katusha.

    Certainly the finest,racing wise,of the 3 grand tours this year.Would still love to see Rodriguez make it to the top step either in Spain or Italy.