Friday, May 25, 2012

Giro Expert Preview - Stage 19

Gianni Savio explains:
This is a very, very hard stage! It's the third photo of the Giro. The last climb is unbelievable hard and therefore I have no doubts that it will be one of the small climbers who will win this stage.

A guy like Domenico Pozzovivo has been looking very strong in this Giro and this is a very good stage for him. Also for Purito and hopefully for Rujano too.


  1. Haha You chose three great cyclists Mikkel!

    I thinks, as well as you, Pozzovivo has a great chance, 'cause he is not fighting for the GC.

    But, I think that today can be a good day for Kreuziger or Scarponi.

    We'll see...


  2. This is all Gianni Savio. But I too think Pozzovivo will win this stage. It's made for him. Maybe if Purito has a super day, but I doubt it. Time will tell :)

  3. Finally was Kreuziger!

    I've chose a good pick