Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"3rd place is also nice"

Remember what I said about Luke Durbridge earlier this week? About that look he had in his eyes on his way to the start. Well, Tony Martin had that exact look as well today. From the very point he stepped out of the car a couple of hours before he should start all the way to the countdown session on the ramp.

He absolutely killed it from the first split time to aprox. 3-4 km from the finish when the German “now was sure that I would become World Champion”, as he stated on the press conference afterwards before adding, while looking at Fabian Cancellara, “but 3rd place is also nice”. One moment of silence occurred and then the whole room cracked up laughing, including Cancellara, while Tony Martin desperately tried to explain his way out of that comment.

Fabian Cancellara was obviously very disappointed and said that even though he was feeling good in the beginning of the course, he never managed to find his rhythm and therefore lost some mental points which caused he couldn’t give what was needed to take fifth gold medal.

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