Monday, October 1, 2012

Giro d’Italia 2013 - One for Wiggins?

Wiggins in Maglia Rosa in 2010 - Will he try to win it next year?
A few days ago British Cycling coach Shane Sutton said that he would like Bradley Wiggins to aim at winning all three Grand Tours, meaning targeting Giro d’Italia and Vuelta España instead of Tour de France in the near future. Yesterday the route for next year’s Giro d’Italia was revealed and here we saw a 55,5 km individualtime trial on the menu.

Bradley Wiggins showed in the Vuelta last year that he can stay close to the best climbers on the steep parts in the mountains and the way Team Sky are rearming for the new season, they will be very difficult to beat - as if they weren’t already…

Earlier this year Chris Froome told me that he “would be disappointed not to be allowed to at least try and win the Tour de France next year” and knowing Froome very well could turn out to be the strongest rider in the Tour once again, I think Wiggins might be happy aiming at the Giro instead. It sure would make things a lot easier for Team Sky and with three stages against the clock (55,5 km time trial, 19,4 km mountain time trial and a 17,4 km team time trial) in the Giro d’Italia next year, I think it would be wise for Wiggins to follow Shane Sutton’s advice and try to put another Grand Tour on his palmares. 

You can see all the stages for next year's Giro d'Italia right here.

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