Monday, January 30, 2012

Kittel: No - FC Barcelona: Yes

Following Monday’s news that the second most winning cyclist in 2011, Marcel Kittel, is being linked to doping abuse, I wanted to bring back a little comic strip the Spanish sports paper, AS, brought last year when there were doubts if some of FC Barcelona’s injured players would be fit for the Champions League match against FC København.
Guardiola: Doctor, do you think that Xavi & Puyol will be ready
to play the match against FC København today?
Doctor: To play against FCK, I don't know, but to do the Tour, of course!
The wrongly called “doping treatment” that Marcel Kittel has been undergoing (4 years ago!!)is a UV treatment. To those of you who is not familiar with this treatment, Marcel Kittel’s Project 1t4i team explains:

"Dr. Franke took a very small amount (a few cc) of blood from the body via a syringe and put this under UV lighting immediately to fight the infection in the blood. This blood was subsequently reinserted into the body. The entire treatment did not take more than a few minutes. It did not involve an infusion or transfusion."

According to WADA this is not legal. “If the treatment involves taking blood from athletes, manipulating it and then re-injecting it, then that process is prohibited under section M2.3”, WADA’s communications director Terence O’Rorke tells VeloNation.

Marcel Kittel used this treatment to get over a flu. It might seem a bit extreme just for a flu but to see it as doping it’s simply too much!

To return to the Spanish comic strip, FC Barcelona is known for using a specific plasma-treatment helping their players get fit a lot faster than normally. The doctors take out a blood sample and centrifuge it. By this they can pick out only the extra plasma-rich parts of the blood, which they inject back in the inflamed area to help the body recovery faster. This is perfectly legal in the football world. Spanish tennis star, Rafael Nadal, uses this treatment as well. Like FC Barcelona without any sanctions.

 Am I the only one finding this extremely pathetic?

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  1. I can not understand how this is legal?! Why is there such a big different between cycling and football/tennis? smh