Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Team Saxo Bank can't sign Garzelli

Today's story in Gazzetta
Wednesday morning has been all about the possible signing of Stefano Garzelli by Team Saxo Bank. The Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport bought the story in their paper edition today, but they seem to forget one very important aspect. How will Saxo Bank be able to sign Garzelli, when their roster is already filled up?

I will be the first to support the signing of one of my own personal riders, but looking at the UCI rules it simply doesn't seem possible. Right now Team Saxo Bank have 29 riders on contract, one of these being neo-pro Christopher Juul Jensen and according to UCI rule 2.15.110 a UCI ProTeam is only allowed to have 30 riders on contract if at least two of these are neo-pro riders. Stefano Garzelli is turning 39 years in 2012 so you can't hardly sign him as a neo-pro.

The only way Team Saxo Bank can sign Stefano Garzelli is if one of their riders suddenly retire (...Astana) and that seems very unlikely to happen.

It's a shame, but I can't see how Stefano Garzelli will be able to share the blue color with Alberto Contador and co. in 2012.


  1. Rafal Majka is neo pro on his second year so they do have two neo pros.
    But anyway not likely that they will sign Garzelli for a lot of other reasons.

  2. i also thought it sounded too goo to be true... i think the teams must only have 1 neo pro if they have 29 riders like saxo now. so how can majka and margaliot be neo pros? weird system uci have got i think.