Monday, August 22, 2011

Exclusive Interview - Dani Moreno (Rider, Katusha)

One day before the Vuelta España started out in Benidorm, I made the following short interview with gifted climber and Purito’s right hand Dani Moreno. I’ve always been a fan of Dani and after seeing what he did in Burgos I expect big things from him during this Vuelta!

Dani, first of all. Congratulations on your performances in Burgos! I’m very happy to see you back in front of the hard races. This must boost your morale for the Vuelta?
Yes, sure. It’s a very good moment for me. I feel very well and my shape growing up. The results are definitely a boost for the Vuelta.

Let’s go back in time a bit. You have always shown great potential in the colors of Relax-Gam and Caisse D’Epargne, but you seemed to fade a bit riding for Omega Pharma-Lotto, before you once again shined with Purito at Katusha. How would you describe the year at Belgian team? And how are you feeling right now with Katusha?
It was a different work when I was in Omega-Pharma. The athletic characteristic of Gilbert and Van den Broeck were a little bit different than Rodriguez. And, above all, it’s better easier to work with other Spanish, we can understand better in race.

One day before the Vuelta, how do the legs feel right now?
We did a hard work before Burgos and the we saw the results. After Burgos I was tired but I think it’s normal. Now after several days of rest I feel good. The Vuelta course suite us perfectly so we are motivated.

No secret you will be passing up Purito for most of the race, but what are you own ambitions? Will you be able to go on the attack like in the Giro this year?
Sure. My job is to help Joaquim, but if there will be the possibility I’ll take it on like I did at the recent Giro d’Italia were I was near the stage victory.

Looking at the course of the Vuelta, there are a lot of mountains, but also one very long time trial. Last year Purito lost the Vuelta on the time trial, what do you think he can do this year? Are there enough mountains to gain time on the rivals before the time trial?
There are several stages were we can earn time: above all the 4th and 5th race days. In particularly the finish line in El Escorial, which is similar to a classic like Fleche Wallone.

Last one. How does your personal final top5 look like?

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