Thursday, April 26, 2012

100 days to go for Alberto Contador

Alberto Contador can soon see the light
at the end of the tunnel. 100 days to go.
The headline says it all. Today there are (only) 100 days left before Alberto Contador can return from his ban.

Those of you who think that the Spaniard has been taking it easy during his suspensions couldn't be more wrong.

According to Alberto Contador he has been training harder than ever, even beating his own records on the training climbs, and now he has made a Spanish TV-commercial for Flex to show his fans that he is still going strong.

Earlier this year Contador had a special cycling jersey made with a lot of encouragements from the fans printed on and in the video he says that he never feels alone. He continues to fight.

"If you thought that I would stay in bed - it's because you don't know me at all" 

Watch the full video here:

For all the non-Spanish speaking visitors, you can find an English transcript of the whole video right here - courtesy of @FranReyesF.

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