Sunday, August 21, 2011

Exclusive Interview - Wout Poels (Rider, Vacansoleil)

One of my young personal favorites Wout Poels unfortunately had to abandon the Tour de France cause of illness, but now he is back on the bike and ready to shine in the Vuelta when the peloton hits the big mountains! 

Wout, last time I made an interview with you, you came with brilliant legs to the Tour. Unfortunately you had to leave [at stage9] before the show really started. That must have been a big disappointment?
Yeah, very big indeed! I was truly disappointed because due to the illness I couldn’t see what I was up to. It is never fun to be ill.

You took revenge with great performances in Poland and especially the stage win in Tour de l’Ain, how do you feel now?
I think the races I did as preparation towards the Vuelta were very nice. My shape was good and I think it will be the same in the beginning of the Vuelta.

Is the shape better or worst compared with how you started out the Tour?
I think the shape is the same. But for me the most important is that I am still fresh.

About your ambitions. A lot of mountains must mean a lot of opportunities for you?
Yeah, when I am doing ok that is most likely something I am good at. And if I am not a player in the GC anymore there are many good stages to attack.

Do you already have any specific stages in mind, where you want to shine?
No, I will just see it day by day.

Once again Vacansoleil-DCM comes with a very interesting team to hunt for stage wins, who would you say we should keep an extra eye on? Except for Wout Poels of course…
Two riders in their first Grand Tour. Dutch champion Pim Ligthart and Martijn Keizer who won a race this year. They are both in great shape!

You can the read my Tour de France interview with Wout Poels from June by clicking here...

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